My research expertise focuses on "enriched continuum mechanics", and its applications to Engineering Science.

Thanks to my knowledge in this domain, I am able to frame otherwise complex problems involving microstructured materials directly at the scale of the Engineer, including the pertinent macroscopic boundary conditions.

Given the generality of the adopted theoretical framework, I could find exciting applications in disparate fields, such as the dynamics of mechanical metamaterials, composite materials, materials of civil engineering and living tissues.


Enriched Continuum Mechanics

Mechanical Metamaterials

Wave propagation in microstructured materials


2D mechanical metamaterials,

with Manuel COLLET, Ecole Centrale Lyon


2017 - 31/08/2021

Full Professor

INSA-Lyon, GEOMAS, France

2010 - 2017

Associate Professor

INSA-Lyon, SMS-ID, France


Habilitation, INSA-Lyon, France


2009 - 2010

Post-Doc, La Sapienza, Italy

2006 - 2009

PhD, La Sapienza, Italy

2006, Master of Science

Engineering Science and Mechanics

Virginia Tech, USA

2005, Master of Science

Civil and Environmental Engineering

La Sapienza, Italy

01/09/2021 -

Full Professor (W3 Chair of Structural Mechanics)

TU- Dortmund, Germany

Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering